With more than two decades of experience immersed in the psychology and wellness space, she has helped thousands of people reduce their stress, cope with adversity, build inner strengths, and increase productivity both at home and in the workplace. Cynthia is dedicated to coaching clients through challenges and life’s stresses, providing them tools to build mental resources and strengths which is the key to resilience, understanding your mind and brain, and increase responsiveness to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems quickly and easily.

As a Master Mind Performance Coach and Keynote Speaker, her wisdom comes from life experience as well as her training as a Wellness and Life Coach, Family Therapist, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, and a Certified Neuro-School Psychologist.

Cynthia holds a Ph.D. in Human and Child Development, Master’s degrees in Family Therapy and Psychology, a Certificate in Neuropsychology, and a Certificate in Neuroplasticity Training.

She has practiced in a variety of settings including a clinical practice, in schools, hospitals, and major corporations. Using her passion for neuroscience, mindfulness training, and corporate systems, Dr. Cynthia demystifies and translates complex concepts into a new practical level of understanding that can be readily implemented.

Cynthia offers corporate and individual training and executive coaching. Her proven resiliency and rewiring performance program opens doors to profound outcomes by opening the minds of her clients to the alternatives that are available to them right now.

She is a contributing author in the book, Miami’s Breast Cancer Experts (2015), with her chapter “Mindfulness and Positive Rewiring of our Thoughts” and the author of the International Best-selling book, Lost Found and Rewired. Her next book, “Cannabis Conservations, 28 Leading Experts Share Knowledge, Insight, and Perspectives About Cannabis” will be released on October 19, 2019. Cynthia is a TED Speaker. Click here to see her talk, Fake News: The Lie Our Brains Tells Us. Her nutraceutical company, Botanamedica, LLC has successfully been selling its product Comfort Zone Plus on the QVC shopping network.