Jason McGrice

Spiritually connected from a young age, it was Jason’s embodiment of spiritual practices and meditation that plucked him from the depths of anxiety and depression in his early 20’s. This healing process impacted him profoundly and formed the catalyst of his commitment to help men and women heal their old wounds and reach for the best version of themselves by finding their truth within.

His unique spiritual approach remains highly relatable and dives to the depths of pain and trauma all whilst being held within a very safe container. This gift has generated a worldwide community of meditator’s, with millions of listeners connecting to his guidance on the popular meditation app ‘Insight Timer’. His highly successful single ‘Morning Ritual’ has inspired a movement of peace seekers waking up to his meditations every single morning.

Jason is passionate about raising the consciousness of the globe and finds himself at home facilitating group healing’s and mass meditation sessions where a collective intention can be cultivated to create seismic leaps toward fundamental societal change.

Now with over 18 years’ experience with Reiki pumping through his blood, he is in constant refinement of his gifts and offerings with being a conduit of universal energy and passionately shares his skills to serve as a true lightworker.