Lisbeth Coto

Lisbeth Coto was born and raised in Miami, Florida. As a child, she enjoyed school, days at the beach and helping others. At the age of 15, she discovered a passion for people with unique abilities and decided on an educational career to brighten up the lives of children through learning. Lisbeth completed a bachelor’s in Psychology and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She served Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) for 18 years. From special education, general education to school reform, each department helped Lisbeth become a knowledgeable and compassionate employee. In 2015, she experienced a personal traumatic event that left her on the street with a 6-year-old in one hand and 2-year-old in the other. A courageous act that quickly turned dark and depressing, suddenly became the greatest lesson in her life. This suffering, fortunately, led to a journey of personal growth. To recover financially, Lisbeth needed to resign from MDCPS and accept a position as a principal of a private school. Aside from school principal duties, she also facilitated workshops for parents/families to increase awareness of the importance of social-emotional health. She was determined to share her success story in order to instill hope, help others overcome trauma and live their higher purpose. 

Turning chaos into harmony was the catalyst for opening Lightwork Education & Wellness Center (LEWC) in 2020. LEWC is a private school integrating core education, energy science, yoga, visual arts and personal growth into an innovative education model for children, teens and adults. Lisbeth is currently the owner/CEO of LEWC and serves on the University of Miami’s Family Navigator Program’s Advisory Committee, Step Up’s Gardiner Advisory Council and Chamberlain University’s Community Advisory Committee.  She strives to create a true whole-person approach to learning and promotes awareness to become the best version of ourselves.