Meet Doc Cynthia
and Sherrye


Sherrye believes that healing is a collaborative endeavor that requires caring without judgement, and cooperatively assist clients in clarifying their goals for treatment.  Working in private practice and at several treatment centers, she draws from a variety of methods to create a tailored approach for each individual and situation.  Writing guided imageries, meditations for relation and anxiety is a valuable tool she uses with her clients.  She combines experience, education, creativity and a sense of humor with a down to earth realistic approach.  Sherrye is dedicated to helping to heal and touch hearts whether it be from the years as a therapist or her passion for working and serving on boards of local non profits.  


With more than two decades of experience immersed in the psychology and wellness space, she has helped thousands of people reduce their stress, cope with adversity, build inner strengths, and increase productivity both at home and in the workplace. Cynthia is dedicated to coaching clients through challenges and life’s stresses, providing them tools to build mental resources and strengths which is the key to resilience, understanding your mind and brain, and increase responsiveness to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems quickly and easily.