Sherrye Sammons is truly a “Gal With A Heart” and follows her heart’s passions.  A bundle of energy this Memphis born gal who has a varied and interesting background.  

At the age of 19, She negotiated a showcase performance at the very “in” and nationally famous Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles for a Memphis band she promoted and encouraged their move from Memphis to LA.  She worked there part time and pursued her career in the music industry.   Everyone played there and everyone that was anyone went there.  From that point on, her music career was launched.

Sherrye was lucky enough to work with the Bee Gees, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Van Halen, Olivia Newton John and many others.  She got to know  many who were represented by the nationally known Rogers & Cowan Public Relations Firm in Beverly Hills, whose client list were the top stars of Hollywood.

She joined the firm as a junior publicist.  She wrote press releases and booked TV interviews for the Johnny Carson and Merv Griffith shows for the many famous celebrities that were clients of Rogers & Cowan.  

She eventually left the music business in California and returned home to Memphis and decided on a career change.  Always reinventing herself, she decided to study at the University of Memphis to pursue a career as a Mental Health Counselor.  She worked as a therapist at Charter Lakeside Hospital, and also in private practice for many years.  

Sherrye is dedicated to helping to heal and touch hearts whether it be from the years as a counselor or her passion for working and serving on boards of local non – profits.  

She has been committed to helping others overcome addictions to alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, anxiety and other stresses that affect many of us at some time in our live.   She specialized in Co Dependency Groups and working with women who were sexually, verbally and physically abused.  

Sherrye believes that healing is a collaborative endeavor that requires caring without judgement, and cooperatively assist clients in clarifying their goals for treatment.  Working in private practice for over 18 years at several treatment centers, she draws from a variety of methods to create a tailored approach for each individual and situation.  Writing guided imageries, meditations for relaxation and anxiety is a valuable tool she uses with her clients.  She is warm, open, caring and direct.  She combines experience, education, creativity and a sense of humor with a down to earth realistic approach. 

Sherrye has a wealth of volunteer experiences with working with elderly, adolescent and high- risk populations.  She has served on several boards of local non – profits.  She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro not only as a personal challenge but as fundraiser to help raise money for a local non- profit called Hearts and Hope.  There she was a volunteer grief counselor, member of the board, President of The Hats for Hope Ladies Auxiliary as well as chair person for many events.  She was nominated two years in a row as Women of The Year in Palm Beach County for her dedication, passion and commitment to helping others.

Having studied and received her degrees from both Shelby State and The University of Memphis she also has certifications as a National Certified Gestalt Therapist, Certified Addictions Professional, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and Certified Grief Counselor.  She has studied Psycho Kinesiology and the works of Byron Katie.  

For personal reasons, Sherrye gave up her practice and chose another career path.  She received her Real Estate License and enjoyed a very successful career for many years.  She continues to keep her license active with One Sotheby’s in Palm Beach Gardens.  

Once again it was time for this ambitious women to create something new.  She opened up a beautiful women’s boutique called Straight From The Heart.  Not only did it offer gorgeous apparel, jewelry and gifts but it was a boutique with a purpose.  For eleven years she hosted monthly events honoring and raising funds for different local non profits.  It is her passion to give back to the community.  

Hearts say something to Sherrye.  She will tell you she sees them everywhere and has collected heart shaped rocks from around the world.  She created a token that she calls Heart Blessings.  Each one has a glass heart in the bag with a card that says.  I AM A HEART BLESSING..A TOKEN OF FAITH…A GIFT OF LOVE.  She has been giving this heart blessings out for many years.  

Having been nicknamed “The Heart Lady” for her love of hearts and touching the hearts of many, she encourages and empowers all those that she loves to improve their relationships with themselves, with others and with God.  Her passion and commitment are endless with all that she wants to accomplish in many areas of her life.   

Sherrye recently along with a partner have created a new venture.  After closing her boutique Straight From The Heart, it is important for her to continue to help others.   Inspired To Be was created.  It is a radio talk show and podcast that is about healing, resilience and inspiration.  The show will help others with tools and techniques regarding a personal challenge that they may be going through.  Each week there will be a special guest that will share their stories of resilience and strength.   She is very excited with this venture and where it will take her.